Text / Image

Theme: Border


In our current political and cultural climate, not to mention the unique geographic location of San Diego, we are engaged with the concept of Border. The actual impact of "Border" and it's implications will vary from person to person.

Using a combination of Text and Image, you are asked to create a digital image which explores your experience and interpretation of "Border".
This can be interpreted in any fashion you choose. The Border, as a concept, can be expanded to move beyond geographical boundaries. This could be body related. It could reference relationships. Psychological implications. This does not have to be a literal take on "The Wall" debate. We can use this theme and expand on it.

Please look to other artists or art works as possible inspiration.

You are asked to create a series of 3 images.
These images will relate to each other either stylistically or might vary from image to image but will use the same text. That is up to you. There should be some sort of consistant thread that runs through the 3 pieces.

Please use a combination of Text and Image.
The text does not necessarily have to be generated in Photoshop. You might use text found in the world and photograph it. Use Photoshop as a tool to realize your work (as opposed to being limited by it in that everything must be produced in Photoshop).

Technical requirements:
3 final digital images
8.5" x 11" @ 300dpi (or larger)

Some combination of Photoshop work that will be recorded in your .psd file
this might be masking, adjustment of color, use of vector shapes, clone tool, transform methods

What to turn in: (submit work to the Art Server)


digital images:

and jpgs: (this can be accomplished as an automated task through Bridge)

Please include an Assets folder with original source images used

And a Text document saved as a PDF
with a Reflection on the work that you created.

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