Extra Credit

(worth 5pts max (5%) - 1/2 letter grade)

This is Due the week BEFORE finals week

1) Visit a Digital Imaging, Photography or Design Art Show at a Museum or Gallery and Write a 1 page response. This response must include the name of the artist and the name of the show. The location. A ticket stub or show pamphlet as a record of attendence. 

2) Submit Work to a Digital Imaging, Photography or Design Competition or Show
Periodically opportunities for Competitions or Gallery Shows become available to students. These will be announced during class and will also be posted to the Photography Department website. If you submit work in this category, inform me (your instructor) with the details so that I might help advise and assist you. Because I need proof of your participation in this activity, I will need to be kept in the loop. Do not tell me after the fact and then expect extra credit.

3) Attend a Lecture related to Digital Imaging, Photography or Design outside of class. Write a 1 page description and response to the talk.