Tutorials - Week 3

Transform Methods - tutorial files

Adjustment Layers - tutorial files
Hue / Saturation
Black & White
Camera Raw Plug-in (smart object)

White Balance - tutorial files
Using the Threshold adjustment, Eyedropper function through Curves


The Gradient Tool
linear and radial
using the Gradient Editor (this would be new, but not essential)

The Brush Tool
controlling the brush size, hardness, foreground/background colors, option bar settings specifically the opacity setting

Compositing / Putting it all together:

Combining 2 images together - tutorial files
using Bridge, dragging and dropping, and select all copy paste

  1. Smart Objects / Rasterize Layers
  2. Transform Scale
  3. Gradient Mask
  4. Masking with a Brush Tool
  5. Masking with a combination of guides and Rectangular Marque (fill with foreground command)

*If you want to try another couple together, the photographer is Martin Schoeller


Derivative Work / Pop Art effect

  1. Use a Black & White image- tutorial files
  2. Crop Tool 'c' > click the 'ratio' drop-down in the Option Bar > Set to "Square". Delete Cropped Pixels
  3. Unlock and Copy the original layer 'cmd j'
  4. Click 'd' on your keyboard to reset the Default colors (black / white)
  5. Filter > Filter Gallery > Sketch > Halftone Pattern
  6. Use a large enough Dot size to see it, and just enough Contrast so that the Dots are not lost
  7. Change this layer Blend Mode to 'Multiply'
  8. Pick Colors from the Swatch Panel and Brush them in (red lips, yellow hair, skin tone)
  9. Use the Regular Lasso 'L' and drag around the outside of the figure
  10. Click the Mask icon (it will hide the area you selected)
  11. Click under this layer (original layer)
  12. Choose Adjustment Layer icon > Solid Color > Choose Blue (as an example)
  13. Select All Layers > Command E (Merge Visible)
  14. Menu Bar > Canvas Size > Click upper-right corner > Relative > 100% (width & height)
  15. Move Tool, Hold Option and Drag to make 3 copies
  16. Add Hue/Saturation adjustment layers to each layer (clipping each) and Change the Hue (your choice)
  17. Menu Bar > Image Size > 2400 pixels (height & width)
  18. Save as lastname_popart.jpg