Course Schedule:

(subject to change)

August 27 // WEEK 1

Intro to course / syllabus review / Adobe Accounts
Tutorial: Introduction to Web Image Searches, Organization through MAC “finder” and through Adobe Bridge
Begin Research #1: (Design Concepts)

Topic: Resolution & Early Computer Imaging
Tutorial: Pixel Art / Tutorial: ASCII, Mosaic filter
Introduction to the Photoshop Interface
Begin Exercise #1: (Pixel Art)

September 3 // WEEK 2

Due: Research #1 (Design Concepts)
Due: Exercise #1: (Pixel Art)
Topic: Restoration, Touch-Up, Color on a Black & White image
Tutorial: Layer Management, Clone, Healing, Content Aware, Adjustment Tools. Color: Paint Brush, Blend Modes, Opacity Settings
Begin Exercise #2: (Restoration)

September 10 // WEEK 3

Topic: Copyright / Appropriation / Fair Use
Begin Research #2: (Copyright)

Tutorial: Transform, Adjustment Layers, White Balance, Blend Modes, Masking
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*no Exercise due for this week*

September 17 // WEEK 4

Topic: Poster Art / Artists working with Text & Image
Tutorial: Type Tool (terms and concepts)

Lab: Work on Creative Project #1: (Poster Art)

Due: Exercise #2 (Restoration)

September 24 // WEEK 5

Topic: Text Effects (Layer Styles, Filters, etc.)

Tutorial: Use of Text in Layout / with an image
And the use of Selection Tools, Colors, Textures, Custom Brushes

Begin Exercise #3: Text Effects / Text Image

Due: Research #2 (Copyright)

October 1 // WEEK 6

Due: Exercise #3: Text Effects

Due: Creative Project #1 (Poster Art) - CRITIQUE

Tutorial: Vector Pen (practice and selection)

October 8 // WEEK 7

Topic: Graphic Abstraction
Tutorial: Shapes (Vector & Raster), Masks / Cipping Masks
PolyScape (Basic Tutorial)
Begin Exercise #4: PolyScape

October 15 // WEEK 8


Due: Exercise #4: PolyScape

* Begin Creative Project #2: Surreal Composite

October 22 // WEEK 9

Topic: Image Manipulation and Surrealism
Tutorial: Selection, Masking

Lab: Work on Assignment #2 (be prepared to discuss your ideas w/ your instructor)

October 29 // WEEK 10

Due: Project #2 (Surreal Landscape)

November 5 // WEEK 11

Topic: Web Graphics, Gif Animation

Begin Exercise #5 Gif Animation

November 12 // WEEK 12

Due Exercise#5: Gif Animation

Tutorial: Portrait Effects

November 19 // WEEK 13

Lecture: Assignment #3 - Portrait Diptych

Tutorial: Portrait workflow / Compositing

Due Exercise #6: Portrait Effects

November 26 // WEEK 14

Lecture: Imaging Manipulation / Ethics
Optional Paper: Faking It
to be completed if you need to improve on the grade from your 1st paper

One-on-One: (looking at progress on the final project)

December 3 WEEK 15

Due: Project #3: Portrait Diptych

Final Critique

December 10 - Finals Week

There is NO Final

If you are working on the Optional Paper "Faking It", this is DUE on this day by the end of the day 11:59PM



AMD 102: The Computer and the Visual Arts
Tuesdays 5:00-8:50pm, University Hall 271
Instructor: Bekkah Walker, MFA
Office Hours: Tue 4:00pm-5:00pm, TBA


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