Paper: Faking It

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DUE: December 10th by 11:59pm

*In terms of grading: If you were unhappy with the grade for your 1st paper (Copyright), this paper can be used as a substitute. I will use the highest of the 2 in factoring your final grade in the class.

We now find ourselves in the Age of "Fake News" but this concept, as it relates to
Photographic Manipulation is not new. There is a long history of manipulation and distortion of
photographic images for various purposes. Some are for art, some for commercial gain, others
for political propaganda.

You are to research one past example (before Photoshop - before 2000) and one after Photoshop (after 2000) of photo manipulation. Both of these examples should fall within one category or topic.
Topics could include: Beauty, Race, Gender, Politics, News, General Pop Culture, Art
I will show you examples in class. You can use those or find your own.

Your paper will need to answer the following questions:
Does the examined image have a story around it? Why was it created? What might have been happening politically or culturally to have inspired such an image? What effect did it have on either the people viewing it or how did the media handle it? How long did it take for the deception to be revealed? How was it revealed? What was the result after the deception was revealed?

In addition to providing information about the individual image, please compare and contrast the two image examples.
Give credit to those who produced the image (this may be for a number of individuals such as those who produced the original and those who manipulated the image). If you cannot find the exact photographer, do your best to credit the company who may have commisioned the image, or the image may be "attributed to", and provide the year.

How your paper should be formatted and what should be included:

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Useful links to get you started:

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