Exercise #3: Pop Culture OR Art History Info Graphics (Vector)

Examples of Student Work

(Recommended) Reading:
Universal Principles of Design
Scott McCloud, "Understanding Comics" Chapter 2
Figure Ground in Design

Tutorial for Exercise #3

You will create an Info Graphic using illustrator that translates, mimics or represents an iconic artwork OR create an new unique Info Graphic that would fall within a Pop Cultural category.
Do NOT use Text. Use only Shape and Color

Color will be your Choice
Style will be you Choice


Save the illustrator file to a folder:
Save the illustrator file:
And then Select across your object, Right-Click, Export Selected
PNG, the Size will be Width: 800px
Add a Scale
Change the 2nd line from PNG to SVG

You are ready to hit the Export button.
Rename in the e3 folder both the png and svg from "assets" to your lastname_e3