Assignment #3 - Text / Image

Project Description:
Begin with a quote or phrase that either inspires you or one that you think is interesting
(inspiring, amusing, confusing, annoying, etc.)
You are asked to create 2 image files with the same text. These two images will be of contrasting styles where the same text could be interpreted in drastically different ways.
To do this, you can design with contrasting styles in terms of font face, color, image. Bold vs. Muted. Literal vs. Ambiguous. Your design choices will be your own. The goal is for a contrast in the way the text is interpreted.

Response Paper:
One page, double-spaced
In your response, please supply a backstory for the text used. Where is it from? How do you interpret the text? I'd like you to then analyse how your two images create a contrast in interpretation.

Project Goals:

Technical Specifications:

Save your digital files in the following format:

Main Folder:

Digital files:


a sub folder that contains all of your source files

Research Paper:

Please Upload all required files to the Shared Server