Assignment #2: Surreal Composite

Golden, 2019

Due: October 29, 2019

Turn in to Dropbox:
folder: lastname_a2
*include all asset files

lastname_a2.pdf (this is your reflection)

Conceptual Considerations:
You are asked to create a composite that would belong in a Surreal category. You are asked to create a new environment that does not actually exist but plays with the viewer's sense of 'possible'. You will follow rules and break others.

What makes a surrealist composite successful?

  • Use of Scale
  • Use of image sources that would not usually be found together (Contextual Contrast)
  • Use of Graphic Shapes or Elements
  • Use of effective Colors
  • Use of Texture
  • Area of Focus (This is the subject of your work. What do you want to draw your viewer's attention to?)

Technical Requirements


Salomon, 2019

Mayers, 2019

So, 2016



Video Links:

Jerry Uelsmann
his work:

Maggie Taylor

 Erik Johansson

the making of one of his images:


Artist Links:

Contemporary Collage Artists:
David Delruelle
Eugenia Loli
Julien Pacaud
Mario Wagner
Tim Spelios

Bauhaus Collage (1930's):
Lazlo Maholy-Nagy
Max Ernst
Kurt Kranz

Compositing/Collage Surrealist Artists:
Shana & Robert ParkeHarrison
Maggie Taylor
Jerry Uelsmann
Teun Hocks
René Magritte
Erik Johansson

See also:
Juxtapoz Magazine