Creative Project / Poster Art





Response Paper / Influence

Write a 1 page response which will include who you were researching and basing your design on (who or what inspired you in the creation of your poster) and why you choose to design the way you did. This paper is aimed at giving you the space to consider your choices and also helps your instructor see what your influences are. Please include the name of the artist and the work that you were influenced by.


Turn-in: To the Shared Server / zipped



Poster Links:

Really great site describing How Posters Work

WPA - Works Progress Administration

Poster Parade 1890's - 1960's (travel, commercial products, war propaganda, entertainment, etc.)


Vienna Secession (art nouveau in vienna and germany 1895-1918)

Artists (if they aren't linked, please copy into a google search)

Alphonse Mucha

Aleksander Rodchenko

Gustav Klutsis

Barbara Kruger (you should just google her for a list of images)


Paula Scher (and her bio at Pentagram)

Shepard Fairey