Paper #1 - Copyright

Lecture PDF - Copyright

Research an artist who was involved in a Copyright infringement case or controversy (meaning it may not have gone to court).
Artist examples (but not limited to):

Describe the artist's style. The work in question. The particulars around the copyright dispute. How it was resolved. And what your reaction is to this case. You may also include photos of any works on the page with your bibliography.

This paper is to be 3 pages. Double-Spaced. Twelve point font. Create a Title (not on a separate page). There must be a thesis and a conclusion.

Please cite 2 sources. Try and find the courts ruling on the case if there was one. Find instances of critiques of the ruling from members of the "art world" (which could include historians, critics, and artists). Use the Chicago style by using footnotes and a bibliography.



Useful links to get you started:

The ruling on Cariou v Prince

Slides of the work of Carious and Prince

The ruling on Rogers v Koons

Info on the Public Domain

Frequently asked questions regarding copyright