Assignment #3
Diptych: Portrait / Self-Portrait

Project Description:
You are asked to produce 2 images in Photoshop that will in some way tell a story about its subject and also have a tension between each other. These 2 images are working together to inform the viewer about its subject.
Please use images of people. They can be of you or another person (or people). Do Not use images of Pets.

Response Paper:
One page, double-spaced
In your response, please supply more information who your diptych is describing, how the 2 images are working together and what technical process you used to further your ideas within your work.

Project Goals:


Themes you may want to consider:

Technical Specifications:


Save your digital files in the following format:

Main Folder:

Digital files:



a sub folder that contains all of your source files

Response Paper:

Please Upload all required files to the Shared Server


Lecture Files:

Artist Slides
Student Work Slides