Frequency Separation

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  1. Create a copy of the Background Layer
  2. Rename the top: High Frequency
    and the bottom: Low Frequency
  3. Turn Visibility Off - Top Layer (High Freq)
    on the Bottom: use Filter > Gaussian Blur > (use a radius that is high enough to smooth but not so high it obliterates all of the features)
  4. Top layer / High Freq
    Image > Apply Image
    • Layer: low frequency layer
    • Blending: Subtract
    • Scale: 2
    • Offset: 128

  5. Set the Top Layer blend mode: Linear Light
  6. All tone corrections should be done first on the bottom Low Freq layer
    Select with the Lasso, set the Option Bar Feather to something high like: 12px
    Gaussian Blur (not enough to create damage)
  7. Then use the Clone Stamp on the High Freq layer
    Set to "current layer"
    Use varying Opacity settings to smooth out irregular textures


The Top High Frequency Layer - is the Texture
The Bottom Low Frequency Layer - is the Tone and Color