Tutorials - Week 3



Portraits - (historical), Use these for Restoration techniques, Black & White, Color Toning, and Painting a Black & White image.

How obsessive artists colorize old photos

Artist Links (examples)
Jordan Lloyd - (instagram) 
Mads Madsen
Marina Amaral
Dana Keller
Patty Allison 



White Balance

Blend If

Videos we'll watch in class:
Color of Light / White Balance (on the Server) 
Inside The Pantone Color Factory 

Visit this link first: purves lab
*(click to enable Flash, then you need to choose an item again to load the interactive interface).
Take these tests: X-RiteColor - Method of Action
screenshot command: (shift + cmd + 4, drag). The file will appear on your Desktop.

(controlling luminancecolor theory) - extra info
Test for : Color Blindness