Tutorials - Week 10 (part 1)


Finish Week 9 Part 2 - We left off with Masking the Top Hands and Frontal. We'll pick up with Creating a Vignette and Adding a reduced opacity Black & White adjustment layer

Tutorial File (zip)

Pop Art effect

  1. Use a Black & White image
  2. Crop Tool > click the 'ratio' drop-down in the Option Bar > Set to "Square". Delete Cropped Pixels
  3. Copy the original layer
  4. Filter > Filter Gallery > Sketch > Halftone Pattern
  5. Use a large enough Dot size to see it, and just enough Contrast so that the Dots are not lost
  6. On a new Blank layer > Blend Mode Multiply
  7. Pick Colors and paint them in (red lips, yellow hair, skin tone)
  8. Use the Regular Lasso and drag around the figure
  9. Click the Mask icon (it's OK if the selection is irregular and hard-edged)
  10. Place a Bright Blue Color Fill layer under this layer
  11. Select All Layers > Command E (Merge Visible)
  12. Menu Bar > Canvas Size > Click upper-right corner > Relative > 100%
  13. Move Tool, Hold Option and Drag to make 3 copies
  14. Add Hue/Saturation adjustment layers to each layer (clipping each) and Change the Hue (your choice)
  15. Menu Bar > Image Size > 2400 pixels (height & width)
  16. Save as lastname_e6.jpg (Upload to Canvas)


Tutorial File (zip)

Multi-Color image effect using Advanced Blending / Channels:

  1. Open Image
  2. Drag out the Canvas Size using the Crop Tool set to Non-Destructive (do not delete pixels) to give more space to the Left and Right
  3. Copy Layer > Move Tool, move to the Left
  4. Double-Click layer to access Layer Style window
  5. Under "Advanced Blending" > Click only the Blue channel box (this should give you a combination of Blue and Yellow
  6. Copy the top Layer > Move Tool, move to the Right
  7. Double-Click again for the Layer Style window
  8. Click only the Red and Blue channels (This should give Magenta and Green combos)
  9. On the Top Layer > Change the Blend Mode settings to Luminosity
  10. Crop the image back to remove unwanted edges
  11. If there are still edges you wish to hide, use a Gradient Mask & Paint back in with white on any part of the image that should have a full color (like magenta)
  12. This Does NOT have to be turned in