Tutorials / InDesign

  1. Launch Software
  2. In the New window, click on the Print preset
    1. choose "Letter"
    2. Landscape orientation
    3. Number of Pages = 2
    4. Uncheck "facing pages" (so that there will NOT be facing pages)
    5. Click OK
  3. Save the InDesign File
    1. Lastname_Sketchbook.indd
    2. Place in a folder on your local drive (external preferred). This folder should have your name on it, and be prepared to save any files used for the sketchbook into this folder.
  4. Locate the "Pages" panel. Double-Click the Master A.
  5. Locate the Tools panel. Locate the Shape Tool. Drag a rectangle across. Fill this rectangle with a Medium Gray color (this color can be changed later. this is practice).
    *The Master A will apply to all pages. It is an "apply to all" type of page. To maintain consistency on each page as needed.
  6. Double-Click Page 1
  7. Locate the Text Tool. Click and Drag a Text Box across a desired area. Type "WEEK 1". Change the color, Font face, style, size. Use the Move Tool (black arrow) to reposition the box location.
  8. Select the Text with the Move Tool (black arrow).
    1. Copy ⌘c
    2. Double-Click Page 2 (pages panel) and Paste ⌘v
  9. SAVE ⌘s
  10. OPEN Bridge.
  11. Find your Sketchbook folder and organize. Create a folder for the 1st exercise. You can call it Design Concepts. Find the files for your Exercise 1. Select 5 image (for now) that you like. Single-Click on the first and "Copy To" the new location that you will use for your Sketchbook. Repeat for all 5 (or select the remaining 4 and Copy them all at the same time).
  12. Click back to InDesign
  13. Inserting Images:
    1. Create an insert box (it is the rectangle icon with the X in the middle). Drag this across Page 1.
    2. Place Image: ⌘d
    3. Right-Click > Fitting > Fit content proportionally
    4. Resize or Move the image box (use the Move Tool, or change the size with Transform Tool)
  14. Page 2 : That will be up to you how you use the rest of your Sketchbook.
  15. Add page in the Pages Panel, Paper Icon. This will be the Cover. Move the new page up the first position in the Pages Panel.
  16. Add either an Image or Text (you can change it out later).
  17. Add a Rectangle Box and fill with a different color. You will need to move this new Box behind what you previous created. Right click and choose "Move Backwards" or Find the Layers Panel and manage through that interface.
  18. SAVE ⌘s
  19. Practice Exporting: ⌘e
    1. PDF (I normally use Defaults)
  20. ReLinking files (images). If an image moves in the file structure, it will display with a red ?
    ReLink by clicking on the red ? icon. It will pop up a window to help you navigate to the file. If is an entire folder that moved, InDesign will recognize the multiple missing files and relink for you.