Project #3

How to begin?

I like to start my projects with the act of "PLAY". It's important to work with a playful attitude and an open mind. Allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing. You may decide that you like a color that you have selected. Or you really like a texture. Move forward with those choices. You may then find that you are telling a story or communicating an idea beyond the act of PLAY.


What makes a successful composite?


Required: There must be a minimum of 3 images in your work.

Required: 1 image source must be your ORIGINAL image
Use at least one or more:

Optional: You can draw on your image (this can be directly digital, or drawn and then scanned / digitally captured)
Optional: Fair Use images from the internet


Technical requirements:

8.5" x 11" @ 300dpi (or larger)
2550 px X 3300px (or larger)

What to turn in:

digital images:

and jpgs: (SAVE AS - 12 quality) (Add this image to the Critique Discussion Thread)

And a Text document saved as a PDF
with a Reflection on the work that you created.

Video Links:

Jerry Uelsmann
his work:

Maggie Taylor

Erik Johansson

Artist Links:

General link on Pintrest for "Surreal Collage"

Contemporary Collage Artist Links:
Julien Pacaud 
Jesse Treece
Hollie Chastain

Compositing/Collage Surrealist Artists:
Shana & Robert ParkeHarrison
Maggie Taylor
Jerry Uelsmann
Teun Hocks
René Magritte
Erik Johansson 

Bauhaus Collage (1930's):
Lazlo Maholy-Nagy
Max Ernst
Kurt Kranz

Student Examples:

PDF of past student work

Surreal Composite image example. There are many types of shapes, colors and a woman's body.
Tyra Tate, 2020

What makes Tyra's image successful and compelling?