Project #2
Portrait / Self-Portrait Diptych

Student Work Examples

For this 2nd Creative Project, you are asked to produce 2 portraits (of other people) or self-portraits (of yourself). These 2 images will require quite a bit of digital work applied to it. In addition, the 2 images will work as companion pieces. Because they will function as a Diptych, the 2 images need to create a dialog between them or there should be a comparison/contrast between them.
This can be accomplished by any of the following methods:


What is needed in your Photoshop files:


Technical requirements:

2 original digital image composites
8.5" x 11" @ 300dpi (or larger)

You will of course work with PSD files. You will not turn those into me.
Instead you will take screenshots of your Layers Panel for each image. (Directions are at the bottom of this assignment page).

What to turn in: (submit work to CANVAS)

lastname_p2 [Zip this folder before turning in]

(Save As, jpg format)


And a Text document saved as a PDF
with a Reflection on the work that you created.


We'll also submit work to a Discussion through Canvas. We'll use this to look at work and also comment on the work. ASubmitting work to the Discussion Thread will have to be completed before we meet for class Tuesday pril 14th @ 2:00PM. Please upload all files by NOON on April 14th. At 2:00PM, we'll take a look at the work and make comments. At 3:00PM we'll start the Live Critique via Zoom. I'll lead the critique, but will most likely have everyone's mic on so that we can all participate together in the discussion. This critique will be recorded for those that are not able to attend live.


Artist Links:

May Xiong, "Anyone, Anywhere | IO" (Links to an external site.)

Tim Tadder (Links to an external site.)

Andy Warhol: Portraits (Links to an external site.)

Roy Lichtenstein (Links to an external site.)



Take a Screenshot of your Photoshop Layers

Because our PSD files are too large to upload to CANVAS, we will turn in a screenshot of our layers. Move your layers panel towards your canvas and drag it down so that as much as possible is visible. Then you will use one of the many screenshot options I list below that works on your computer (our class is now using both MAC and PC at home).

How to take a Screenshot

on a MAC:


On a PC: