Project #2
Portrait / Self-Portrait Diptych

Student Work Examples

For this 2nd Creative Project, you are asked to produce 2 portraits (of other people) or self-portraits (of yourself). These 2 images will require quite a bit of digital work applied to it. In addition, the 2 images will work as companion pieces. Because they will function as a Diptych, the 2 images need to create a dialog between them or there should be a comparison/contrast between them.
This can be accomplished by any of the following methods:


What is needed in your Photoshop files:


Technical requirements:

2 original digital image composites
8.5" x 11" @ 300dpi (or larger)

What to turn in: (submit work to the Art Server)


digital images:

and jpgs: (this can be accomplished as an automated task through Bridge)

Please include an Assets folder with original source images used

And a Text document saved as a PDF
with a Reflection on the work that you created.

Artist Links:

May Xiong, "Anyone, Anywhere | IO"

Tim Tadder

Andy Warhol: Portraits

Roy Lichtenstein