Exercise 4 - Portrait Composite



File Manage

  1. Create New Folder: lastname_e4
  2. Create New Sub-Folder: assets


Through Bridge

  1. Find the Folder "Martin Schoeller"
  2. Select 4 images that you want to work with
  3. (right click) Copy to > lastname_e4 > assets


Open in Photoshop:

  1. From Bridge, Select both images, Menu Bar > Tools > Photoshop > Open as Layers
  2. SAVE this new image to: lastname_e4, lastname_e4.psd
  3. Move the smaller face file to the top of the layer order
  4. On the top layer, lower the opacity to about 65%-50% so you can see both at the same time.
  5. Use a Free Transform tool (cmd t) and drag and resize the top layer so that the eyes are matching the bottom layer. (at least the eyes, try to match up as many features as you can)
  6. Bring the opacity setting back to 100%
  7. Apply a mask to the top layer. Invert the mask (use cmd i, or use the properties panel for the mask)
  8. Use your brush tool (b), soft the edges, lower the opacity in the options panel, 
    paint with white to bring in the layer, paint with black to remove the visibility of the layer.
  9. *If you want to see exactly where you have been painting, hold the option key and click the mask.
    If you want to see a visual guide while you are painting, click the \ key. This will bring up a red color.
  10. Your 2 portrait images might vary in terms of contrast and color saturation. Apply a "Curves" and/or a "Hue/Saturation" adjustment layer to one of your layers so that both layers match.


When you have successfully masked so that both faces seem merged as one image, 
you are ready to SAVE and start on ONE MORE composite using 2 new faces of different celebrities.



Always make back-ups to your Removable Media (or Cloud Space)

Turn in to Dropbox:



(all original files that you use are placed in this folder)