Exercise 3 - Mirroring, Symmetry


You will create a mirrored image of the face using the Transform Tool and Layer Management

You will also gain experience in File Management (saving to locations, and naming files)

Dolly Parton



Open in Photoshop:

  1. Open a downloaded zip image file from Bridge (double-click)
  2. Save As: lastname_e3-1.psd (layers will be intact)
    into new folder: lastname_e3 (on the Student Drive or your Hard Drive)
  3. Double-click the "background" layer / rename "original", click OK
  4. Choose the Move tool
  5. Menu Bar > Show > Rulers (cmd R)
  6. Choose the Crop tool - make sure the "delete cropped pixels" is checked in the option bar
  7. Drag the crop to the guide (allow to snap / a feature that can be turned on/off in Menu Bar > View)
  8. Menu Bar > Image > Canvas Size
    Relative (check box), Width: 100%
    And click the grid based on which side you cropped (will demo this in class). This will extend the workable canvas in a chosen direction.
  9. Copy the layer (cmd j) - OR - Move Tool & option/drag (this moves AND copies)
  10. Transform (cmd t), Cntrl-click, choose "flip horizontal"
  11. Make sure that you have Moved the layer into the spot (either left or right of the original layer)
  12. SAVE


When you have completed the first face, REPEAT and do the whole process again with a new celebrity's face.

Turn in the Dropbox:



(all original files that you use are placed in this folder)