Restoration Check-List


Place all images and sub folders in a main folder called:


sub folder: lastname_image1



I'll be looking at the format of your scan. It should be a "loss-less" or non-destructive format that does not use compression like a .tif or even a .psd. Most scanners will have the .tif option. Do not use .jpg. That format applies compression. Although you can define how much, the compression is still there.

I will also be looking at whether the image will have the capacity to print at 8.5" x 11" @ 300 dpi / ppi


I need to see all layers. The only layer that you should have used "merge down" on is the Black & White adjustment layer applied to the restore layer (to remove color on that layer).

There should be an original layer with a lock on it. This layer will have original color and all original dust, scratches and other imperfections.

The original layer was copied and renamed as "restore". That layer has color removed by-way of the Black & White adjustment layer, and then that is Merged Down. The restore layer has all imperfections removed. You may also use a non-destructive blank layer for stamping and healing - this is optional.
How much restoring should you do? I will be looking for quite an improved difference between the original and restore.

There should also be a Tonal Adjustment Layer - such as: Curves or Levels.
Dodge & Burn layer is optional


This image has been flattened and you have used a technique to apply either 1 color or 2 to the entire image.


You've worked from the restored image and have flattened the image.

You've applied color layers and have isolated areas using a mask. All of the color layers are then grouped. All color layers and the group have been renamed.


This process can be achieved using Bridge

All 4 images (scan, restore, tint, paint) will be combined into one 8.5" x 11" @ 300 ppi

Use Bridge: Menu Bar > Tools > Photoshop > Contact Sheet II
Layout: image placement: across first (by row), columns 2, rows 2, Use Auto-Spacing

Optional to use text as captions for the individual tiled images: "original", "restored", "one color tint", "custom full color"

Save as: lastname_tile-1.psd (option: to save as layers with text)


You should have :: sub folder: lastname_image1

Digital File to Print ::

Print & Mount

Print and Mount 1 image (your choice: restored, painted, tinted, or tiled)


Repeat :: sub folder: lastname_image2