Poster Assignment

Turn in to the Dropbox:
folder: lastname_a3
image: lastname_a3_11x17.psd
image: lastname_a3_4x6.psd
image: lastname_a3_icon.png

sub-folder: print
*include two print ready images saved as a .tif format (for each size)
sub-folder: assets
*include all asset files


Design for 2 output print sizes:
11" x 17" @ 300 dpi, AND 4" x 6" @ 300 dpi
You can choose landscape or portrait (most posters are portrait)
Design an icon for the Web:
400px X 400px
There can be transparency or not
Output: png-24

You will have the choice of either a Re-Envisioned Movie Poster or Persuasive Poster

We will print to the LASER PRINTER as a "proof". This does not need to be printed to the ink jet nor mounted unless you want to. We will post the prints in the hallway.


*(Student Examples at the bottom of this page)


Persuasive Poster (PSA or Propaganda)


There must be text in your work and at least one image.

Innovate through your layout, use of shapes (including negative space), use of text, and the combinations of your images. Don't forget your compositing skills! Limit your color palette.

The content of your work will either be political in nature, or a public service announcement of some kind. You must communicate an idea and persuade your viewer.


Basics of Design:

Past Student Examples:

How Posters Work (an interesting exhibition and interactive interface):

WPA (Works Progress Administration)

PSA or Propaganda

Many Varying Posters (including Obama's campaign)

Shepard Fairy

Chinese Propaganda

Soviet Propaganda

Artists to look at:
Constructivist Posters

Gustav Klutsis

Alexandr Rodchenko

El Lissitsky

Frank Pick
google image search


Antiques Roadshow - Chicago. Travel Posters (@ 25:15)


Re-Envisioned Film Poster


Choose a film that you have seen before. (It might help if you like the film).

Find a poster for the film. Use the same text as this poster.
Your task is to create a completely NEW poster.
This includes color and images.

I'm going to also advise that you not necessarily use images of the actors from the movie but instead consider something about the movie that makes it stand out.

Use this link for inspiration:
stylish re-envisioned movie-posters
Polish Designs of well-known films from the U.S.
African Designs of well-known films from the U.S.
Stranger Things Posters - designed in the style of 80's films

Saul Bass
List of Designers
Godzilla Posters from Around the World

Student Examples:

Re-Envisioned Movie Posters

Cazares, Fall 2015

Molina, Fall 2015


Gage, Fall 2015

Student Examples:

Persuasive Posters