Assignment 2 / Composite using Familiar and Everyday Objects


What images can you use?


Yanez, 2019


Technical Considerations:


File Structure when you Work at Home:


worked images:
lastname_a2.jpg (when you are totally finished)

all source images:
placed in a sub-folder called: "assets"

What to Turn in to CANVAS:


lastname_a2-screenshot.png (or whatever the format is, don't change it, just rename the file not the extension)

When you are finished file managing your assignment folder,
Right Click or Control Click on the Folder and choose
ZIP or Compress or Archive. Email me if you need to use something else or have questions.
Upload or Submit File for the Assignment (like you did for Exercise 4)


Take a Screenshot of your Photoshop Layers

Because our PSD files are too large to upload to CANVAS, we will turn in a screenshot of our layers. Move your layers panel towards your canvas and drag it down so that as much as possible is visible. Then you will use one of the many screenshot options I list below that works on your computer (our class is now using both MAC and PC at home).

How to take a Screenshot

on a MAC:


On a PC:



Student Examples:

For more - Open this PDF


Galindez, 2019

Golden, 2019