PolyScape Composite

Due: 7/11

image example


Turn in to Dropbox:
folder: lastname_a2
lastname_a2.psd (edit file)
lastname_a2.tif (print file)
*include all asset files

Conceptual Considerations:
Your task is to create a composited image in Photoshop that tells a subjective story. This new landscape will be a psychological one. It does not have to tell a literal story, but will be wide open for interpretation.
In addition to possessing a photographic quality, you will also incorporate graphic design elements.

Technical Considerations:


Use each of the following:



PolyScape Tutorial

Abstract Geometric Photo Collage

Combining Geometry and Photography

Shapes Tutorials (psd essentials)

Sphere Tutorial (video)

"Abstract Effect" (photoshop lady)

On Behance.net:
Philip Hodas
Andreas Levers
Mike Winkelmann
Kirill Maksimchuk

Contemporary Collage Artists:
David Delruelle
Eugenia Loli
Julien Pacaud
Mario Wagner
Tim Spelios

1960's Collage:
Archigram - avant-garde architectural movement from in the 1960's

Bauhaus Collage (1930's):
Lazlo Maholy-Nagy
Max Ernst
Kurt Kranz

Compositing/Collage Surrealist Artists:
Shana & Robert ParkeHarrison
Maggie Taylor
Jerry Uelsmann
Teun Hocks
René Magritte
Erik Johansson

See also:
Juxtapoz Magazine

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