Generators (recommended)

Color Combinations
CSS3 Generator (for rounded corners, box shadow)
3-D Ribbon
Google Web Fonts
Lorem Ipsum

Image Galleries (JavaScript & JQuery)

Galleria - (demo-ed in class, self-generating thumbnails, flickr, picasa)
ShadowBox - (can have multiple gallery groups)
FancyBox - (lots of viewing / interactivity options)
YoxView - (can load from flickr, picasa. can include Vimeo & YouTube, and whole html pages / sites)
Misc image galleries:
26 Free Responsive jQuery Image Sliders
Top 10 Free Responsive Image Galleries / Slideshows
40 light box solutions
57 image gallery (javascript)

Tutorials (interesting 3rd party)

Text Effects
3D Ribbons
Speech Bubbles
Advanced CSS Menu w/ Image on Hover
Animated Menu - (uses easing)
36 Eye-Catching JQuery Nav Menus - (interesting list)
Codrops - (for the advanced designer - check it out)

Color Charts

Nunzio web-safe hexadecimal color values - (info on "The History of the Browser-Safe Web Palette)
Color Combinations - (interesting interactive interface) - (interactive, download data)


Browser Safe Fonts - (old school)
Google Web Fonts - (user friendly, free. you can download or embed code)
Font Squirrel - (100% commercial use, free)
Browser Support for Font Type
Web Fonts @ (a "sign-up" service, also has Adobe Web Fonts)
Adobe Licensing FAQ
Adobe Web Font FAQ
Adobe Web Font - (product info)
Adobe Typblography - (a typography blog run by Adobe)


CSS3 Generator (nice one / many options)
CSS3 Generator
(for rounded corners, box shadow)
List of Animatable Properties for Transitions
List of Browsers who support Transitions
HTML5 Boilerplate download
20 useful snippets


Favicon Generator
Sizes and Info for IOS (touch) icons and image sizes (apple products)
Code info for "touch icons"

General Resources

Adobe Help for Dreamweaver CC
HTML Dog - tutorials and reference for HTML & CSS - HTML tutorial, CSS tutorial
CSS Wiki and Discussion site
Shaun Inman (good blog for html, css, etc.)
Web Design Trends for 2014 (scroll to the bottom for more "best of" design topics)
Web Design Trends for 2013
Web Design Trends 2012
Dynamic Drive (for a list of JavaScripts)
WordPress - Codex, using CSS
IE6 - check for world percentage use

Free Software

TextWrangler - used for HTML & CSS editing (for MAC)
WinMerge - used for HTML & CSS editing (for Windows)
Affinity Photo - a free alternative to Photoshop (for MAC)


Adobe Dreamweaver CC

Video Tutorials

Adobe Video

Domains and Hosting

DreamHost - (non-profit friendly)

Media Temple

Questions & Answers

TuCows (domain registration / free software)

Network Solutions


Dot Easy

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FileZilla - free, all platforms (recommended)

Cyber Duck - free for MAC OS

Fugu - free for MAC OS

PuTTY - free for Windows

Fetch - available in the lab (not free)