Assignment #4 - Personal Narrative Triptych

Project Description:
You are asked to produce a series of 3 images in Photoshop that will create a personal narrative.This narrative can be imagined, auto-biographical, or biographical. The story you tell will be unique to you. How you tell it will be in combination of the 3 images and in your use of Photoshop.

You are also asked to create 1 composited image that places at least one (if not all) of your images into an "actual" public space. Where do you see your work being presented? If you are creating this work for a book, then please create a visualization of a 3D book with your image placed on the pages. Or if you intend on your work to be in a gallery, please use an image of a gallery and place your images on the walls. ETC. Your work could be on a series of billboards, wheat-pasted in an alley ...

Response Paper:
One page, double-spaced
In your response, please supply more information on what story your narrative is telling. I'd like you to also describe how you envision your work being presented and talk about how the location relates to your over-all piece.

Project Goals:

Technical Specifications:

Save your digital files in the following format:

Main Folder:

Digital files:




a sub folder that contains all of your source files

Response Paper:

Please Upload all required files to the Shared Server


Past Student Work (as Diptychs)