Assignment #1 - Portrait Composite

Lecture PDF - Assignment1

Assignment Description:
In the style of Nancy Burson's WarHead I, you are asked to create your own composite portrait. This project requires that you conduct research into your specific theme and then execute a composite of a portrait inspired by the data from your research. You may use use either Averaging or Data Mapping.

Research Paper:
Two page, double-spaced. This paper is to act as a companion piece to your visual work. You will write about your topic and also how your image is the visual result of this research.
Please include a Thesis and Conclusion. Use two academic sources, citations will be in the Chicago Style (footnotes & bibliography)

Use at least 2 images (or more if your research requires it).
Image size should not be less than 1200px or more than 2400px in the largest dimension.
Use compositing techniques that are necessary to illustrate your research.

The Use of Text on the Image:
Remeber that this is a portrait assignment. I am more interested in seeing how you combine multiple raster images together to reflect your data and research. If you must use text, you should do so using the brush tool and use your own handwriting and gestures.

Zip your assignment folder containgin all assignment files and share through Google Drive

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