Assignment #2: PolyScape Composite



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*include all asset files

Conceptual Considerations:
Your task is to create a composited image in Photoshop that tells a subjective story. This new landscape will be a psychological one. It does not have to tell a literal story, but will be wide open for interpretation.
In addition to possessing a photographic quality, you will also incorporate graphic design elements.

Technical Considerations:


Use each of the following:



PolyScape Tutorial

Abstract Geometric Photo Collage

Combining Geometry and Photography

Shapes Tutorials (psd essentials)

Sphere Tutorial (video)

"Abstract Effect" (photoshop lady)

Philip Hodas
Andreas Levers
Mike Winkelmann
Kirill Maksimchuk

Contemporary Collage Artists:
David Delruelle
Eugenia Loli
Julien Pacaud
Mario Wagner
Tim Spelios

Bauhaus Collage (1930's):
Lazlo Maholy-Nagy
Max Ernst
Kurt Kranz

Compositing/Collage Surrealist Artists:
Shana & Robert ParkeHarrison
Maggie Taylor
Jerry Uelsmann
Teun Hocks
René Magritte
Erik Johansson

See also:
Juxtapoz Magazine

For Video Links:

Jerry Uelsmann
his work:

darkroom techniques:

"Process and Perception" : a lecture by Jerry Uelsmann 
(in conjunction with "Faking It: Manipulated Photography Before Photoshop")

Maggie Taylor

a longer tutorial session with Maggie:

Videos from Jerry & Maggie: This is not photography
Jerry Ulesmann - exerpt:
Maggie Taylor - excerpt:
Full-Length Documentary (give it time to buffer):

 Erik Johansson

his YouTube page: